Some ideas to help you pray for your clergy

From Fr. Tim Fountain in South Dakota who has been a past blogger here at L&B and remains a faithful friend and supporter of this ministry:

Please pray for your clergy, and for yourselves. We need God’s help and we most assuredly need one another’s.

Pray for all Clergy:
Ask the Father to show us great mercy, to make us aware of the great mercy we receive, and to make us witnesses to His mercy.

Ask the Son to touch us with kindness whenever we are discouraged by our hypocrisies.

Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire our gifts for faithful work and to make our personal qualities fruitful.

Pray for all Lay People:
Ask the Father to cleanse you of any lurking paganism – any ways in which you say, “My clergy do holy stuff (prayer, Bible reading, caring for others, etc.) so I don’t have to.”

Ask the Son to honor you by revealing what part of his body, the Church, you are.

Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of all that Jesus said and did, and to guide you into understanding.

You see, the humbling and healing of clergy depends in part on the glorious rising of all the people – not as our “employers” or critics, but as awesome Christians in your own right. As one chosen, flawed preacher told a congregation:

For what is our hope or joy or crown of boasting before our Lord Jesus at his coming? Is it not you?

The full text is here.


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