Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, July 17, 2010, 9:30 -10:40 A.M. There were two prayer tables today: one in front of Christ Church with Craig Fetherstonhaugh (from Willowfield parish in Belfast) and Torre Bissell, and the other with Carol MacNaughton (from St. Michael’s Colonie) and a young man from Christ Church in the SICM parking lot on Albany Street.

+–indicates received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina

In front of Christ Church:
+Brown and +Denay (his son) — Brown was very taciturn.

+Joan and her four children +Tamara, +Mark, +Michael, and +Daniel. We prayed for provision and protection for them.

Connie — her sister, Patches, trailer caught on fire over by Watertown. All of them got out but the lost most of their clothing and possessions.

+Thelonius — just had a tooth pulled, could hardly talk.

+Don — was carried to the ER in an ambulance last Sunday from church.

+Paula and her grandson +Zorie. We prayed for them and then for Paula’s friend Teresa who just had a tumor removed from her throat.

+Paul — asked prayer for relief of stress on him and Connie. He gave his life and his burdens and his sins to Jesus and asked for and accepted Jesus’ forgiveness.

+Jerry — for strength and guidance.

Fr. Peter — healing of inflammation by his left eye.

+Mary — “I’m a little bit intoxicated.” We prayed for sobriety.

+José — “for my family”


In the SICM parking lot on Albany Street:
+Joseph (father) and +Rayn (young girl)

+Jenny and +Anney (lady with boy) Anny wanted special prayer against bad luck

+girl with older lady (no names)

+Julius and +Jeremiah (boys)

+Shaun and +son — success and health

+Frankie (man) — peaceful days and healing on his hand.

+Moses — help and strength to stay on the right path

+Sheila — health and strength

+Elaine — has breast cancer

+Donna — bills and wants an apartment on the bus route

+Travis — salvation, soul, to be a good man.


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