Georgia’s prayers for healing

Georgia is a gifted intercessor and mother to one of the neurologic patients we pray for. These prayers were posted a few days ago on a comment thread. I just now have a block of time to work on this series and want to post them separately.

Dear Holy Father,
Please help us to pray.
Make haste – come to our assistance.

You are Almighty, King, Savior, Redeemer,
We cry out to You alone.
We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You.
You are Love, Truth and Life.
We look to Your Word for Wisdom, Counsel and Light
To guide every petition we bring to You.
In Your Word and promises we anchor our hope.

You are Holy, Good, Powerful, Wise
Ever Steadfast, Faithful, True, Loving, Merciful.
You can do all things.
With You, all things are possible,
With You, nothing is impossible.
You reign in glory and majesty.
You are completely Sovereign over all that is.
Your Words created, sustain and rule over everything,
Over all creation, the universe, worlds without end.
Over microcosms and macrocosms,
Over every complex motion of suns, planets, atoms and microparticles.
Over all functions, structures, chemicals,
All their actions, interactions and reactions.
Over cells, mitochondria, particles, atoms, electrons
Every valence and property of every chemical,
The impulses of ever creature.
You created, sustain, order and govern
All these unfathomable complexities and intricacies.
By Your All Powerful Words.
(Hebrews 1:3, Colossians 1:16-17)

Your Words are Spirit and Life – Eternal Life.
You are the Holy Living Word.

You see our afflictions, our perils, tribulations.
You hear our cries,
You know our every thought
You are aware of all our concerns.
You fathom our conundrums.
You are the restorer of our degenerations,
And of our generations.

Dear Father, Great Physician, Rapha, Healer,
Send forth Your Word to heal us of our destructions. (Psalm 107:20)

Send Your sweet, fragrant, beautiful, tender Word of Love
To draw, heal, redeem, delight, rejoice, guide, motivate,
To rule over and empower our hearts,
To deliver our souls from evil
To restore our families, and fellowship with each other
And to make us one with You.

Send forth Your clear, light-filled Word
Your Holy Bread of Sincerity and Truth
To heal and restore our minds,
To guide our thoughts, decisions and actions,
To heal and restore Your Church,
To restore and reconcile teachers, schools,
Lawmakers, judges and nations
To You.

Send forth Your growing, vibrant, powerful Word of Life
To restore our spirits, souls (minds, wills and emotions) and bodies
That have been corrupted, distorted, polluted, damaged
By iniquity, by the nature of the fallen flesh
that is dead and separated from You
By the financial and political world system
By false religious systems
By the consequences of our own willful sins
By our unconscious inclinations and attitudes
By the shaping of others examples
By the painful wounds of others sins,
By the sins and traditions of all generations
That have come to bear against us
And by the wiles of the evil one who roams this world
Looking for opportunity to divide, deceive, defile and destroy.

Help us to utterly and completely reject the words of the evil one
That are always destructive and deceitful.
That always tear down and destroy.

Help us to hear, see, receive and cling to Your Word alone.
Help us to trust Your Word fully and confidently.
Help Your Word penetrate
Through every part of our being.
Help Your Word to restore spirits from pollution and false worship.
So that we may worship You in the beauty of holiness.
Help your Word to protect our souls from false choices.
So that our souls will find rest and peace and joy in You alone.
Help Your Word to restore our bodies,
To function and thrive as Your Word ordains.
So that we, Your people and Church,
May like Peter’s mother-in-law,
May rise up to praise, thank, worship, adore and serve You
With our whole beings.
In Spirit and in Truth.
In Unity of the Spirit,
In the bond of Peace.
In Your Joy forevermore.
In the Name of Jesus Christ,


2 Responses to Georgia’s prayers for healing

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  2. Georgia says:

    Thank You, Holy Father,
    For the power and gift of intercession comes,
    From Your Son Who is our advocate and who intercedes for us at Your right hand,
    From The Holy Spirit Who intercedes for us from within our spirits,
    To comfort, edify, strengthen us in every good work,
    To teach us Your humility,
    To testify of Your Holy Character,
    To give us the discernment between good and evil,
    To create in us a hunger for more of You,
    To lead us into all Truth,
    To know You, The True God Who is The Truth,
    To shed abroad holy abiding love for You in our hearts,
    To have respect, mercy and compassion for ourselves and other human beings in our hearts
    To fill our hearts and minds with You, with Your Word,
    with the unction to pray, with hope, faith and confidence in Your good Will,
    To help us to pray and intercede effectually,
    To praise and thank You for allowing us to be used by You in Your plan and in Your work of brining new life, redemption and healing.
    All ability and power for good comes from You alone.
    For all this, we who join You in Your work of intercession, thank You, Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
    In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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