Another healing prayer from Georgia

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Dear Holy Father,
Please hear our prayer.
We groan
for the redemption of this world
for your people and your church
for the pain and suffering we feel and see all around
for the wrong we do and for the sin in our lives.
We groan
in the effects of the fall,
in the frailty and faults and foolishness
of our human flesh,
of generational sin, curses, trespasses,
of internal and external, physical and soul trauma
of losses, griefs, events and accidents that cause
injury, distortion, misdirection, imbalance, anomaly,
deficiency, degeneration and malfunction.
We groan and weep
to see children suffering,
coping with diseases or injuries.
We come to You in their behalf.

ALL problems and powers are subject to Your Word.
We ask for Your word to be sent to heal these children
from their destructions. (Psalm 107:20)
We ask for Your word to heal and restore right function,
balance, coordination, equilibrium, sensation,
sufficiency of all that is necessary.
We ask You to intervene and speak,
For Your Word to avail
within the myriad intricacies of atoms, cells, tissues,
organs, muscles, bones, connective tissue.
Please make straight the broken, twisted neural pathways,
create new life in nerve cells, new connections and synapses,
overshadow, cover and insulate each nerve
and restore balance to the neurochemicals
right order and sequence to the firing of neurons,
proper order to the DNA and RNA,
order to the sequences of guanine adenine thymine cytosine
so that proteins are produced as they should be.
and the vibrant health of Your Kingdom should rule in the physical realm,
Please breathe new life into these children – life to spirit, soul and body –
as a testament and to Your mercy and power.
Please grant wisdom, inspiration, cooperation, dedication
to researchers and physicians
and counsel, mercy, joy, peace and strength to the caregivers.

We seek Your face for all these things.
You alone are the Worthy and Able, Faithful, True.
You alone can open The Book of Life and read from it.
You alone can read and write truth, love and life upon each book
of our deep hearts, souls, minds and bodies,
All cells, enzymes, proteins, genes, DNA, RNA are under Your command..
You alone can create, birth, build, sustain, balance, keep and restore
a human being with Your Word and Spirit.
You number our days.
You are our consolation, wisdom and counsel, our chief joy,
to make our days overflow with faith, goodness, love and hope.
Your Presence makes our days sweet and beautiful and peaceful,
a source of pleasure, satisfaction and glory for You.
We submit these our children to You,
for they are Yours, entrusted to us only for a while.
Thank You for all You have done and will do as Healer and Savior,
Thank You that as Redeemer, You work all things together for good.
In the Name of Jesus our Lord,


2 Responses to Another healing prayer from Georgia

  1. Georgia says:

    I would like to cite these prayers of Exorcism by Sts. Basil and John Chrysostom that use praise as a weapon against evil, for expulsing the destructive forces and for healing and restoration from the works of the enemy.

    Reading them is so edifying, strengthening…and reassuring. Reading these ancient words is like finding long lost kinfolk with whom you have a common love (for God) and goal, good friends with whom you can relax and feel safe and helpful wise parents and counsel, reinforcement and affirmation of the witness and teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit, among the early fathers of the Church.

    These prayers are remarkable for the preponderance of praise, hope and confidence in the supreme power, authority and dominion of the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

    Praise, Thanksgiving and Joy are three means of re-orienting, righting and ‘truing’ our souls for entering God’s Holy Presence, three types of sacrifice and offering to God and (I believe) these are also three methods/means/weapons of our spiritual warfare against the enemy, as well as being three kinds of spiritual medicine for healing and restoration.

    We know that the same Lord Jesus and the same Holy Spirit Who teach us to pray, taught the Fathers of the Church. If we are one with God, we will be one with the Fathers and one with each other, praising and petitioning with the One Voice as one voice.
    May it be so always. Amen

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