In the Hebraic calendar, this is the season that Noah’s rain is commemorated. In the story of Noah, the waters prevailed upon the earth 150 days. Then God sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded (Genesis 7:24-8:1).
I looked for the number 150 in scripture:
I. In the geneology of the descendants of Benjamin, the sons of Ulam were mighty men of valor, archers, and had many sons and grandsons, 150. (1 Chronicles 8:40)

O Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
Your beloved ones dwell in safety by You. O High God, surround Joseph, Sally, Chris, Lauren, Gaenor, Mark, Samuel, Erin, Isabella, Christy, Nick, and Alan all day and dwell between their shoulders. The eyes of our hearts are dim and we do not fully comprehend how to pray. If it would be of benefit for the healing of these dear ones, and of neurologic ailments, then we humbly request that You commission 150 warring angels on their behalf. May Your holy angels be as a ravenous wolf in the morning, devouring the prey, and at evening, dividing the spoil. Amen.

Deuteronomy 33:12, Genesis 50:27

II. Of those Israelites who returned with Ezra to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple was the prophet Zechariah, with whom were registered 150 men. (Ezra 8:3) When the work on the temple was thwarted, Zechariah encouraged them to complete the temple. He proclaimed a stirring message of hope–their King is coming!

O Holy Spirit,
Just as Zechariah stirred the hope of the children of Israel, we ask You to stir the hope of the children of neurologic disease, their caretakers, their health care providers, and the scientists who study neurologic disease. Bring alongside each of these patients 150 supporters and intercessors. Amen.

III. When Nehemiah was governor of Judah, 150 Jews and rulers were fed at his table. (Nehemiah 5:17)

O Jesus,
You are the bread of life. He that comes to You shall never hunger. He that believes in You shall never thirst. You are living bread come down from heaven. We pray that as Joseph, Sally, Chris, Lauren, Gaenor, Mark, Samuel, Erin, Isabella, Christy, Nick, and Alan eat Your flesh and drink You blood, Your life will come to their neurons. Amen.

John 6


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