The Shunammite’s son

On the sudden death of this woman’s son she hastened to Carmel, 20 miles distant across the plain, to catch Elisha by the feet, and to bring him with her to Shunem.

Carmel, a Levitical city in Zebulun, means ‘garden.’ It is known for victory in spiritual warfare–Joshua defeated the king of Jokneam, a city at the foot of Mt. Carmel (Joshua 12:22), and Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18).
It is also known for desperate intercession–Abigail fell at David’s feet and pled with him to spare the lives of the men of her household (1 Samuel 25).

The definition of Shunem, a little village in the tribe of Issachar, is ‘two resting-places.’ There, in the “prophet’s chamber,” the dead child lay; and Elisha entering it, shut the door and prayed earnestly. Elisha lay upon the child two times, and the boy was restored to life (2 Kings 4:8-37).

This prayer is loosely based on the intercession of Abigail.

Lord Jesus,
We bow at Your nail-scarred feet. Hear our prayers.
Pay no attention to to the insolent fools that defy You. Pay no attention to our sins and the sins of our ancestors.
Accept our sacrifice of a broken and contrite heart. Forgive us, Your intercessors, and Joseph, Sally, Chris, Lauren, Gaenor, Mark, Samuel, Erin, Isabella, Christy, Nick, and Alan, Your children who have sustained neurologic damage.
Receive our blessings of praise. You, Lord Jesus, are an everlasting dynasty because You fight the battles of Jehovah God. No wrongdoing is found in You. You are secure in the bundle of life with Jehovah.
We come before You bearing the names of these 12 loved ones. You are the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Just as Elijah had 12 large jars of water poured out over the 12 stones, we ask You to pour out upon these 12 patients the water of life. Anoint them with the fire of the Holy Spirit. A twofold resting of Your water and Your fire on each one, Lord.
Your enemies, the spirits of the king of Jokneam and of the prophets of Baal, will be slung out by Jehovah.
When Jehovah shall fulfill all of His promises in You, let not the memory of these dear ones with neurologic damage cause You grief. Sling out the spirits of the king of Jokneam and of the prophets of Baal from these children, we pray. Sling out the spirit of infirmity.
O LORD, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God. Be victorious over these enemies and establish a sure house in the hearts and minds and souls of these dear ones.
Remember Your intercessors, Lord. Amen.
1 Samuel 25:24-31, Revelation 21:6, 1 Kings 18:33-36


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