Sustainer of life

Georgia left this prayer from the Spirit in a comment.

Dear Lord God, Holy Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Three in One,

You are the very Lord God, The True and Living God, The Origin and Source of Life – the Sustainer of Life.

Scripture calls You: the Tree of Life, Breath of Life, Lifeblood, Prime of Life, Light of Life, Book of life, Path of Life, Wellspring of Life, Way of Life, Fountain of Life, Enjoyment of Life, Covenant of Life, Bread of Life, Author of Life, Spirit of Life, Fragrance of Life, Promise of Life, Gift of Life, End of Life, Word of Life, Crown of Life, Water of Life, River of Life.

Scripture proclaims, “Christ is your Life.”

And those who KNOW You, as Jesus said, also know eternal life. (John 17:3)

Who has the Son, has Life. (I John 5:11-12)

Through You, Lord Jesus, we pass from death unto Life. (John 5:24, I John 3:14)

Thank You that YOU are the victor over death and over every battle with death for those who proclaim You as Lord and follow Your holy way of Truth, Love and Life.
You are that Door of Life.

Help all who suffer and struggle with neurological disease and injury, both patient and caregiver, to turn to You and to be saturated, strengthened, set free and sustained, spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body with Your Holy Life.

Help Your Holy Love, Truth and Life, Your very Being and Presence to avail for each one who cries out to You…and for those for whom we intercede.

Thank You that You hear us, You love us, want us, seek us, wait for us and bestow Yourself in abundance for us…for You are the Source of ALL that is Good and True.

Thank You, Lord of Life.
In the Name of Jeshuah, Messiah, Christ the King, Amen


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