Worship as it is in heaven

Psalm 22:3 (New Living Translation)
Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.

I’m reading Worship as it is in Heaven by John Dickson and Chuck Pierce. They pointed out a pattern of worship in heaven I had not noticed before.
Revelation 5–Elders, living beings, angels, and hosts of heaven fall down before the throne. Following are the Lamb breaking the seals, the four apocalyptic horsemen, sun turning black, moon turning red, earthquakes, famine, war, plagues, etc
Revelation 7–Great multitude from every nation, angels, 24 elders, and four living beings worship. Following are the seven trumpets, which bring forth more judgments.
Revelation 11–The 24 elders worship. Following are the signs seen in heaven: the woman bearing the man-child and the dragon seeking to destroy him.
Revelation 14–144,000 celibates worship. Following the Lord gives the word to reap the earth.
Revelation 15–Those who overcame the beast worship. Following the seven bowls of judgment are poured out.
Revelation 19–A great multitude worships. Following, Jesus comes forth on a white horse leading the army of heaven into the battle of Armageddon. The devil is cast into the pit.

We see this pattern on earth as well. Jesus’ triumphant entry is followed by the overthrow of the moneychangers. Paul and Silas praise God in shackles, and God broke the power of the enemy.

May our mouths be filled with the high praises of God, so that kings may be bound with fetters and nobles with shackles of divine judgment. We praise Your holy, magnificent name, Lord, and implore You to bind the kings and nobles of neurologic disease. Amen.
Psalm 149:6-9


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