Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, December 4, 2010, 9:20 -10:30 A.M. Torre Bissell and Bob Baker from Christ Church Schenectady, and Mark Plasko, Carol MacNaughton and Sue Plaske from St. Michael’s Colonie. With five people we were able to run two prayer tables: one on State Street and on Albany Street.

+–indicates received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina

State Street:

+Joshua (young man) — homeless, living on the street. His girlfriend and their baby are living in a safe house. Prayed he would grow into the man, the father, the husband that God is calling him to be.

+Debra (regular) — needs some medication but is terrified by needles, prayed with her about this. Made a contribution to Christ Church.

+Audrey — we prayed for Anthony who is an alcoholic in her family.

+Yvette — has a fractured bone in her leg, prayed for healing.

+Armela (young woman) — “Finances”

+James (occasionally comes to Christ Church) — we prayed for his daughters Jamie and Stephanie. He invited Jesus into his heart.

+Anthony (bottle man) — prayed for his mom in New York City.

+Irving — prayed for a church family.

+Ed (older man) — “wants to know God”

(man across the street on a bicycle who later made a point of driving by us) asked for prayer.

+Crystal (young woman) — “for my family”

+Tashon (young man)

+Paula (regular) — prayed for quick and cheap repair of her car which is in the shop.

+Billie (young man) — his mom, Bonnie, died two days ago in New York City. He was looking for bottles on the street to turn into the redemption center up the street to get money for a headstone for Bonnie’s grave.

+Jim (older man) — living on the street for the past three months — sleeping wherever he can.

Albany Street:

++Pablo — for his mother, Nancy, to get better

+Jarez — for his family and kids being safe

+Melissa — her mother, Jeanne, to show her love

+++Rueben – brother, Ken, in prison, has bone cancer, and for himself — that God watches over him and his girl Desireé.

+Elizabeth — everything, health

+Darlene — peace

+Ebony — her, her son (Patrell), baby’s father (Charles, in jail)

Joseph — back from last week wearing the cross

[At one point there were several people waiting for prayer and they started praying for each other!]


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