One of our readers, Bob, requested that we place Mark, recovering from an accident, on our prayer list a couple of months ago. Praise be to God for his progress. Thank you, dear intercessors.
Received via e-mail. Posted with permission.

Dear Margaret and Bob,
Your loving prayers for Mark were such a comfort during Mark’s month as a patient at Barrows and now as he does out patient at Barrows. You were so responsive and supportive and we are so grateful to both of you. Mark benefited so much from your prayers and continues to feel your prayers as he continues to recover. Mark is a miracle and you were part of the miracle. While Mark is still not the Mark from before the accident he is close. We celebrate that he alive and he smiles and he walks and is working on his speech with treatment three times a week at Barrows. He is back home living with his twin brother Rob. While he isn’t able to resume doing the complicated computer programming he did before, Mark is improving every week. We are so grateful that he is alive . We came so close to losing Mark. The neurosurgeon is still monitoring him as he still has fluid build up in the left ventricle of his brain which may require another surgery. Next week he sees another neurologist who will evaluate where the fluid is and if he has absorbed it. That would be our next prayer as Mark had a stroke the second week of his stay in neuro ICU and that set him back. He is still on heavy meds and that is hard for him. We are learning to celebrate every step forward and accepting of the times when things seem to have slipped a bit. The doctors have told us that it is not a steady journey forward but one with ups and downs. We are been so blessed to have so many ‘ups’. Mark has handled all of this with a calm smile and accepts the limitations with such grace. I pray for complete healing for Mark’s sake as he is aware of how much he has lost in terms of career and limited freedoms like no driving or being alone. He seems to accept the problems with his speech and works hard with his therapist and doing his homework – he does see progress from the days when he did not even know his name. Those were such difficult days and your continued encouragement kept me going many a long night and I am so very grateful to you for your notes and your sharing of your experiences with your loved ones. You gave me so much comfort, thank you.
Roger and I still feel like it is September because that is when time stopped. I look at the paper and find myself surprised it is almost Christmas. We are still trying to adjust and I feel rather shell shocked as we still pray and wait to see how Mark will progress. We will know more next week after Mark’s 17th CT brain scan and this new neurologist’s assessment. It really is one day at a time as faith in God sustains us and the support of friends like you. Thank you so very much for your continued prayers. . . .

With appreciation,


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