Glastonbury round-up

During Holy Week, we have prayed for Glastonbury, England. According to legend, it is the birthplace of Christianity in England. Now it is the neopagan Mecca of England.
One of our faithful readers, Georgia, has posted a prayer closing evil portals. I stand in agreement with this prayer and include the vesica piscis.
One of the features of Chalice Well that I did not mention in my original post is its cover and shape. Wells often feature in Welsh and Irish mythology as gateways to the spirit world. The overlapping of the inner and outer worlds is represented by the well cover, two interlocking circles, which constitute the symbol known as the vesica piscis. The vesica piscis has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history, and is viewed as important in Freemasonry, Kabbalah, and New Age.

Holy Father,
You close doors no man or spirit can open and open doors no one can shut.
We ask that You would close the spiritual portals to evil spirits over Glastonbury and Great Britain.
We pray that You will reveal Your Son, the Victorious, True Lord Christ Jesus, before Whose Holy and powerful Name, Cross and Blood all other spirits must bow.
We hope and pray for the establishment of Your Holy Son, Your Name and Your reign over Glastonbury, Britain and over all the earth.

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