“Faith in Action Sunday” Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, Sunday, April 23, 2011, 10:00 – 12:00 noon. Today was “Faith in Action” Sunday in which various teams went out into the neighborhood to plant flowers, do prayer walking, clean the streets, give away gifts of water, chips and cookies, set up prayer table. We had three prayer tables: one on State St., one on Albany St., and one at Jerry Burrell Park. The people we prayed with are listed below.

+–indicates received a wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina

State St.

+Bill — He lost his wallet with his money and ID cards and needs to pay the rent. We prayed for God’s provision for him.

+Man with cane (didn’t speak English) — Prayed for the the Lord’s blessing.

Rebecca — We prayed for direction in college and for her future work.

Bill (across the street) — prayed a blessing and for protection. Bill is epileptic.

(Little boy walking dog across the street) — prayer for protection

+++Jeremiah’ grandfather and grandmother and for Jeremiah doing his third tour in Iraq (2 silver stars), prayed for protection.

+Dequan, +Latik, and +Marcus — 3 friends listening on ipods together, prayed for blessing on their families.

Woman across the street — prayed for protection

Taxi driver — slowed down and waved

Baby — a blessing on her and her family

+Rashid — family, he said he really needs prayer and then he renewed his relationship with Jesus.

+Emily and +Karen — two Guyanese sisters asked prayer for their grandmother.

Peter — For a trip to Washington, DC

++Butch — Prayer for his wife Betty who has a lump in her breast. Prayed for healing and for daughter age 22. Betty is going to doctor on the 16th for a biopsy. Prayed for cleansing of her body and for good news.

+++Fay — for guidance for Joseph and Jamang

+Elijah — for guidance, college, excellence.

+Jacob — for purpose and guidance.

+Adijah — for school, knowledge, for a job, for happiness for her daughter.

+Charlotte — Praise for God answering her prayers for her son JayJay, for his graduation from high school, prayer for college, guidance, prayer for Charlotte to be the mother God calls her to be.

++Donna — for family for protection and guidance and for her daughter Crystal.

+Jay and +Jennifer — for a home by the 13th and for good health (Jennifer is serious anemic). Prayer for Landon who is in foster care and keeps getting injured.

++Nadiola and another

Mary — Prayer for her husband John who is dying of cancer. Prayed that there would be at least a brief period each day when John is lucid. Prayed for health, strength and more time. Prayed for strength and provision for Mary who is doing round-the-clock nursing care of John (Hospice only comes in for 10 minutes each day to give him morphine).

+Annette — Prayer for strength, provision, shelter, in legal proceedings against DSS. She prayed for and accepted God’s forgiveness for herself and to be able to forgive others, to not be angry towards others, strength from God to give her troubles to him.

+Danny — prayed for guidance, protection, strength.

+Crystal — Prayed for her newborn baby in the hospital. He was premature. Prayed he could come home soon.

+Jennifer and Javon (baby girl)

+Lori and +Ashley — for guidance

Jerry Burrell Park

+Geeta and +Stacy — 3 sons. Family and provision and travel safely.

John — mind and body, good health, take away anxieties

Man walking by — prayed for work

+Rachael — son, family, grandchildren

Michelle — peace and healing in family, guidance

+Carl — employment, spouse +Barbara and employment for her also, living situation, 11-year old daughter, Brittany and Emma, Jeherish, their mother, more

+Dante and +Dante Jr, Nyla — Day to day blessings

Rome — for health

Darlene — good weather for swim day and house would sell quickly

Chris — Sell home and acquire a new home, patience to find the right home.

Patricia — Safe trip for children and employment for kids, also for children Dan and Laura that they would come back to church.

Albany St.

Keenyetta — Life and marriage with husband

Nicole7 children, release from addiction

Devon — go back to church regularly

Robert — family and friends (4 daughters), staying sober

Mack — His sins, a renewal of his life

William — strengthen his walk with the Lord.

Michael — Progress in life, new wife, a coming child, getting to know Schenectady.

Carlos — Needs provision for a job

Annie — family

Dorothea — addiction

Sylvia — her soul

Ashton — his family and two daughters, legal issues.

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