Lent Prayers: Scotty Smith – Renew our craving for the manna of the gospel

Pastor Scotty Smith of Christ Community Church in Nashville Tennessee posted this prayer on his prayer blog, Heavenward, on Feb. 23:

Oh, that my hunger for you would be as compelling as my hunger for baguettes, bagels and bakery stores. For “no bread endures to eternal life” except the bread that you give. Indeed, all breads except the Bread of Life will ultimately spoil, rot and perish. Only you supply us “good” bread that will make our souls “delight in the richest of fare.” Indeed, Lord, you don’t just nourish us, you delight us. What a Savior… what a salvation. We are far too easily satisfied.

Jesus, during this season of Lent, renew our craving for the manna of the gospel, the “carbs” of the kingdom, the loaves of your love. Ignite our hearts to sing with vigor, “Bread of Heaven, Bread of Heaven, feed us till we want no more!” Intensify our longings for the Day when we will dine and dance with you at the wedding feast of the Lamb. May every celebration of the Lord’s Supper feed us well, yet leave us insatiably hungry for that Day.

The full prayer is here.

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