Praying for others in Lent – a prayer for those burnt out or struggling in vocational ministry

Another prayer by Pastor Scotty Smith. This prayer encourages us to pray during Lent for any we know in vocational ministry who are discouraged, burnt out or struggling.

The full prayer is here.

Here’s a portion of the prayer that I really appreciated.

But others are living some version of Jonah’s story. In their heads they still know you to be a God who is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. They still own the lyric of the gospel, but have lost its music. In their hearts they’re angry and disconnected. Running away to Tarshish has never looked so good. The ministry feels like an unfair set up to them. Jesus, you seem to be asking too much.

Still others are living a chapter from Jeremiah’s ministry. They feel betrayed. No course in seminary prepared them for how broken the church really is; how un-glorified your people really are (including themselves); […]

Meet these dear servants of yours right where they are. Comfort them with your compassion. Grant them a renewed perspective of eternity. Rekindle hope in their hurting hearts. Refresh them with whatever means of grace you choose.



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