Lent 2012 – INDEX of ALL Lent Posts by Category

Last Updated:  Feb. 11, 2013

Below is an index of all of our 2012 Lent Entries, organized by their primary category, with most recent posts in the category listed first.   Note:  Because we posted an extensive collection of entries during Holy Week of 2012, I have compiled a separate Holy Week 2012 Index here.

You can find all NEW Lent Entries by using our Lent 2013 tag.  Also, you may enjoy our brand new compilation of recommended blogs and websites for Lent 2013.


1. Lent Devotionals

A Lent Poem: Barnfloor and Winepress

Dean Munday: Living in this World Longing for Home

Living Out Lent – pray for a desire for what truly satisfies

George Herbert: Confession

Lent reflections: “Formed by Small Things”

John Piper: Lent or No Lent, Life is War

Pastor Ray Ortland – 10 Things that Most Matter in Life

Temptation is Personal, Not Generic

Bishop Mark Lawrence: Ash Wednesday Meditations at TSM, Feb 2012

A reflection on a Lenten collect

Working Hard, Yet Resting in Christ

“The Pattern for a Holy Lent” – the Imitation of Christ

Andrew Peterson: God’s glory and beauty revealed – even when our life is a wreck

The King’s English: Peace Offerings and Feasting with God

Lent – cleaning house / cleaning our souls

Lent Week 2 devotional – emptying ourself to focus on God

A Lenten Sermon – Surrendering to the Divine Physician

A Lenten Reflection: Gifts versus Strengths

Music for a Lenten Thursday: Jason Gray’s I Am New

The Awesome Truth about Lent

A Lenten Parable: Coffee & Life

Several Lent Poems by George Herbert

“Lent empties us… in order to lead us to Wholeness”

Lent Meditation – George Herbert: On Repentance

Lent Reflection: Having a hard heart

Lent – MUST READING: What is Penitence all about?

Lent: The call to repent is a call to healing

Lent: 8 Ways to Become More Humble

Lent: Meditating on the Scriptures

A Lenten Exhortation: Give it Up!

* * *

2.  Lent Family & Children’s Resources

Holy Week Devotional & Family Resources

The Jesus Tree: A Lenten Journey Through the Gospels

Joe Paprocki’s 40 ideas for 40 days – a great Lenten FAMILY resource

* * *

3. Lent Prayers

A Lenten Confession: Forgive our indifference to the treasures of heaven

A prayer for when we crave seeing God’s power and healing

Lent Prayers: Grace to crucify every impure desire

Lent Prayers – John Donne: A Prayer of Penitence

Lent Prayers: A Prayer of Confession

A prayer by E.B. Pusey: Jesus, Fountain of Love

A Lenten Resource & Discipline: The Scrutinies

Praying for others in Lent – a prayer for those burnt out or struggling in vocational ministry

A prayer in praise of Jesus, the generous refresher of our souls

Another Lent Prayer by Pastor Scotty Smith: “Coming Alive to More Gospel Implications During Lent”

Lent Prayers: Lord we would come to Thee, but do Thou come to us (Spurgeon)

Lent Prayers: A Prayer for the Second Sunday in Lent

Lent Prayers: Scotty Smith – Renew our craving for the manna of the gospel

A Lenten Prayer for times of fasting

Lent Prayers – Scotty Smith: A Prayer for a Gospel-saturated Grace-inundated Lent

* * *

4. Lent Quotes

Lent Quote – Elisabeth Elliot: A poured-out life

Lent quotes: Living with a Holy Discontent, Thirsty for Tomorrow’s Wine

Lent Quotes: John Piper – My confession of having no merit

Lent Quote: St. Philip Neri

John Piper: Lent or No Lent, Life is War

Lent Quotes – Amy Carmichael: ALL His ways are loving & faithful

Great quote! Trusting Jesus’ Good News Produces Love in our lives.

Lent Quotes: Bishop Mark Lawrence – Remembering the dreams of God

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani: Living According to the Word of God

Lent Quotes: St. Augustine on Persevering in Prayer

A Lenten Quote / Discipline from St. Francis de Sales

Lent Quotes: Andrew Murray – “Prayer needs fasting for its full growth”

Lent Quotes: NT Wright – Fasting is “saying a firm goodbye to everything in us that still clings to the old”

A Lent Quote from John Wesley and an Idea for a Lenten Discipline

Lent Quotes: St. Basil the Great on True Fasting

Lent Quotes: Christ understands the weakness of men

Lent Quotes: John Piper & John Wesley on Fasting – Fasting expresses AND assists our hunger for God

Lent quotes: John Piper on our desire for other things versus our hunger for God

Lent Quotes: JC Ryle

Lent quotes: “Desire is at the center of the spiritual life”

Lent Quotes: Pope Benedict XVI on “Dust You Are…”

Archbishop Duncan’s Pastoral Letter for Lent 2012

* * *

5.  Lent Resources

A Practical Guide for Lenten Self-Examination

Another great ANGLICAN Lent Resource: “Word of God” daily podcasts from St. John’s Tulare

Bishop Mark Lawrence: Ash Wednesday Meditations at TSM, Feb 2012 (UPDATED)

Daily Lenten Poems

The Cradle of Prayer – Daily ANGLICAN Prayer services online

A resource for self-examination: 11 questions to discern a judgmental heart

St Paul’s (REC) Baton Rouge: Lenten Resource Booklet

Lenten Devotional Resources from St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Tallahassee

A Newly-Discovered Anglican Devotional Resource – Audio devotionals for Morning & Evening prayer

Lent Resources: A compilation of Online ANGLICAN Daily Devotional Links (Update 5)

A great resource for Lent or ANY season: Radio Walsingham Online

A Lenten Resource & Discipline: The Scrutinies

A *FANTASTIC* Devotional blog: The King’s English

Trinity School for Ministry: Lent 2012 Devotionals Online

Bookmark this! Anglican Daily Prayer blog

A GREAT Lent Resource: A Lenten Examination of Conscience

Commentary on “Ashes to Go”

Pope to TWEET 40 days of Lent!

Rachel Held Evans: 40 Ideas for Lent 2012

TitusOneNine – a great Lent resource

Finding Lent resources at Lent & Beyond

* * *

You can find our Lent 2010 index here

You can find our Lent 2006 – 2009 index here

[Note: There was little to no special Lent blogging in 2011]

10 Responses to Lent 2012 – INDEX of ALL Lent Posts by Category

  1. Jeff L says:

    Clicking on a link (at least in the “Lent Devotionals” section) leads to a page that indicates “You are looking for something that isn’t here.”
    More emptiness!

  2. Jeff, thanks for letting us know. I’m puzzled. All the links I’ve tried (I tried about 10 or 12) seem to be working fine.

    If there’s a specific entry you’re having trouble with, can you leave a more detailed follow up comment? Thanks.

    Karen B.

    • Jeff L says:

      I tried again, starting at the first link and got the same “not here” page (with a search box and the full sidebar on the right).

      Here’s the heading above the links…
      Lent 2012 – INDEX of ALL Lent Posts by Category
      March 7, 2012
      Last Updated: March 7, 2012

      Here’s an index of all of our 2012 Lent Entries to date, organized by their primary category, with most recent posts in the category listed first.

      1. Lent Devotionals
      I’m using Google Chrome (browser). I tried the first 5, all with the same result.
      Thanks for checking.

  3. Jeff, sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Thanks for leaving the follow up to let us know.

    I don’t have Chrome, but I will try to research this further. In Firefox, all the links work.

    Perhaps try this. Instead of clicking on a particular link in the index, try copying and pasting this link for our Lent Devotionals category into your browser:


    You may then have to scroll for something, but hopefully that will work. One other idea is to note a few key words in the title of the post you’re wanting to read, and type those in the search box on the right hand side bar of the blog.

    I’ll try to find a friend or colleague who uses Chrome who can help us figure out what the problem is.

    Karen B.

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