A Newly-Discovered Anglican Devotional Resource – Audio devotionals for Morning & Evening prayer

While preparing my post yesterday with links to Online Anglican devotional resources for Lent, I did a bit of Googling too, to see if there might be some additional resources I might discover.

And I did discover a resource that looks to be excellent:  Daily Audio Devotionals for morning & evening prayer from St. Paul’s Anglican (REC) church in Baton Rouge, LA.

Here’s the link to the calendar for the current month’s daily devotionals

Here’s how the devotionals are described on the St. Paul’s website:

Here you can listen to daily morning and evening devotionals following the readings from the Book of Common Prayer and special days in the Church Calendar. Father’s style is pastoral in nature and seeks to encourage in hearers a love for Christ, a trust in his grace, confidence in his Word and promises and a life of devotion and prayer. Each devotional includes comments from Father Toms, a reading from the Scriptures and prayers adapted from classic devotional literature. Each devotional is less than 10 minutes in length, and you can listen to them on your computer or remote device (cell phones and tablets).

I listened to both of yesterday’s devotionals and this seems like it might be a great resource.

Note:  St. Paul’s church website also has an Online Lenten Journal with a number of different articles for Lent available. I’ll be posting about that separately.

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One Response to A Newly-Discovered Anglican Devotional Resource – Audio devotionals for Morning & Evening prayer

  1. James says:

    See also http://cradleofprayer.org for audio morning and evening prayer

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