“The Pattern for a Holy Lent” – the Imitation of Christ

I thought this exhortation from the March 7 Lenten Devotional at Anglican Mainstream was particularly powerful.  Note March 7 is the commemoration of the martyrdom of Perpetua and the other saints of Carthage:

At this point in Lent it would serve us all well to insure that we have clarity about sincere repentance. Ideally we should not see it as a dread or obligation but be open to it as a gift of the Holy Spirit that compel to purity and grace with a deep yearning. To journey through Lent to Easter without repentance is to no journey at all. What guides us on that journey? It is the Truth, the Way and the Life. Once we repent the pattern for a Holy Lent that becomes and enlivened Easter is the imitation of Christ. Certainly that conviction is what comforted and compelled St. Perpetua and her companions to be bold in the faith, sincere and truthful knowing the Easter promise is theirs. Now we must make ready to insure that it is ours.

The full devotional is here.

The Lenten Discipline suggested for this day was as follows:

Lenten Discipline Reflect on the challenges and choices you have in your life to express a sincere and truthful celebration of the Gospel. Keep a journal of when you have been sincere in the faith and perhaps the times you may have been disingenuous about your faith and practice. Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill you with the conviction to bear witness to your baptism just as St. Perpetual and her companions did without compromise.


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