Daily Lenten Poems

In my Google searching last week dedicated to beefing up our listing of explicitly ANGLICAN Lenten devotional resources, I came across a blog by a priest in the Church of Ireland, the Rev. Patrick Comerford, canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

For Lent 2012, he has been posting daily poems with some background details about the poems as well as some devotional reflections and prayers that tie in with the poem or the lectionary.

I’ve not read all of the 23 poems he has so far posted, but here are links to a few of my favorites:

Holy Cross, by Sir Shane Leslie

Confession (O What a cunning guest), by George Herbert


Lenten Communion by Katharine Tynan

this last poem I’ve linked is so lovely and powerful, that I can’t help but post it in full here – it seems very appropriate in mid-Lent when we might be feeling the need for rest & refreshing, just as the poet imagines our Lord needed refreshing on His journey to the Cross:

Rest in a friend’s house, Dear, I pray:
The way is long to Good Friday,
And very chill and grey the way.

No crocus with its shining cup,
Nor the gold daffodil is up, –
Nothing is here save the snowdrop.

Sit down with me and taste good cheer:
Too soon, too soon, Thy Passion’s here;
The wind is keen and the skies drear.

Sit by my fire and break my bread.
Yea, from Thy dish may I be fed,
And under Thy feet my hair spread!

Lord, in the quiet, chill and sweet,
Let me pour water for Thy feet,
While the crowd goes by in the Street.

Why wouldst Thou dream of spear or sword,
Or of the ingrate rabble, Lord?
There is no sound save the song of a bird.

Let us sit down and talk at ease
About Thy Father’s business.
(What shouts were those borne on the breeze?)

Nay, Lord, it cannot be for Thee
They raise the tallest cross of the three
On yon dark Mount of Calvary!

So soon, so soon, the hour’s flown!
The glory’s dying: Thou art gone
Out on Thy lonely way, alone.

Although I’ve posted the entire poem, if you read the full blog entry, there is more about the author and the writing of the poem, as well as some devotional thoughts.

UPDATE:  We’ve now compiled a full list of all 43 poems posted by Patrick Comerford in Lent 2012.

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