Music for Holy Monday

Today I’ve updated all the links included in my 2009 devotional post for Holy Monday: “Turn the Tables on Me”  which includes a short reflection plus five songs on the theme of Christ’s work of cleansing our hearts.  All five songs are now available to listen to for free on the artists’ myspace pages, so the post now includes those links.

It’s an eclectic mix of worship songs …. from a rock song by Mylon LeFevre to classics by Keith Green and John Michael Talbot and a beautiful musical prayer by Margaret Becker.

Go read, listen, and enjoy, and make some of the lyrics your own prayer for the Lord to cleanse and purify any impure areas of your heart.


Here are the lyrics to Margaret Becker & Keith Getty’s song “O For a Heart

O FOR A HEART to serve my God;
A heart that’s ever broken to His will.
O for a heart to serve my God, my King;
A heart that’s ever delighting Him.

Oh, that I would be made pure,
That I would strive to love Him more;
That every work of my hands
Would accomplish all His plans,
So that He would be glorified.

That I would place no other above;
That I would die to lift high my God.
That every gift I enjoy
Would always be employed
In the service of my faithful Lord.


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