Holy Week Devotional & Family Resources

A few links to some resources that look helpful for Holy Week:

Presbyterian Pastor Mark D. Roberts  has a devotional guide /.series of reflections for Holy Week based on the seven last words of Christ.

He also has a devotional guide for stations of the cross


Christianity Today:  Suggestions for Bible Readings and Family Activities for each day of Holy Week.


Passionate Homemaking Blog has what looks to be an excellent Family Devotional Guide for Holy Week


Children’s Ministry.Com has a short guide with ideas for Sunday School activities for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter


This is a link I’ve posted before, but I want to repost it again this year:  the CRI Website has a good overview of Holy Week, including ideas for a Christian Seder.  The overview helps explain the reasons and traditions of various special church services during Holy Week.


I will try to add to this list and welcome readers’ recommendations and links!

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