A Devotional for Wednesday in Holy Week: Betrayals

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Judas’ Kiss

art credit:  This fresco, by Giotto di Bondone, is from the Life of Christ series at the Arena Chapel (Cappella Scrovegni) in Padua, Italy.  Giotto created it between 1304-06.


This reflection follows on very well from the two main entries I posted yesterday:  a prayer acknowledging we too were enemies of Christ, and a reflection on Mary’s sacrificial offering (where at the end, I reflected on the contrast between Mary’s sacrifice and Judas’ meager reward for betraying Jesus.)  It is from the Barnstorming blog:

The reality is Jesus’ enemies weren’t really the Romans and Jews.  They were those who professed to love Him the most but then turned away when loving Jesus meant suffering with Him.  The betrayals that take place, resulting in His arrest and death,  are not by those who hated Jesus.   Jesus told His betrayers the truth about who they were, and what was in their hearts, by shining His light on their weakness, illuminating their sin even before they committed it.  He does the same with us every day.  We cannot hide from His light illuminating the dark corners of our heart.

We must face the fact that we continue to betray Him, usually in small ways that we hope are insignificant or hidden because, after all, we are Christians, we pray, we go to church, we are “good” people who certainly mean well.

We do no less than what Peter did three times.   We deny knowing Him when it is inconvenient to admit it.

We are no less selfish than Judas selling out for silver when what is being asked of us is to give up the material things of this world we hold dear.

We are no less cowardly than the throngs crying “Crucify Him!” when only days before they were  lauding him as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, going along with the crowd,  as it feels risky to stand out, stand apart, be utterly alone in our devotion to Him rather than live out our love affair with the world along with everyone else.

So with friends like us…

We have some serious explaining to do.  Amazing that He knows our hearts even before we utter a word.

The full entry is here.


Two Songs for listening & reflection:

Traitor’s Look and WHY?  Both songs are by Michael Card, from his album Known by the Scars, which I highly highly recommend in full as an amazing musical reflection during Holy Week.

(Hopefully the playlist will work, but I’ve been having some issues with embedded audio files.  If the music does not play, you can find videos at YouTube:  Traitor’s Look,  and Why)

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