Anglican Intercession – Upcoming Anglican Events for the Prayer Calendar

We’ve gotten away somewhat in recent years from a focus on intercessory prayers for upcoming Anglican / Episcopal events, but there is a lot going on in coming months, so, perhaps it is a season to refocus on such intercession.

Below are some topics / events that come to mind.  For now I’m just going to post bullet points and dates, and then perhaps we’ll be posting prayers here as God leads and brings these events to mind.


April 2012 events:

The first event is in just a few days:  APRIL 21:  The election of a bishop in the Diocese of W. Louisiana (one of the few remaining quite strong orthodox dioceses within TEC). (details).  Please be praying for God to raise up a Godly and strong bishop to lead this diocese.

GAFCON/FCA Leadership Conference, London.  April 23 – 27 (details)


June  & July 2012 events

ACNA Assembly and Youth Gathering, June 7 – 9  (details)

PEARUSA Open Forum with Abp Rwaje.  June 11-13 (details)

Episcopal Church General Convention. July 5 – 12, Indianapolis.  (details)

Note:  we hope to help facilitate some special intercessory prayer for the Episcopal Church General Convention, if you’re interested in learning more or being part of this, please leave a comment, making sure a valid email address is entered in the comment box. (Your address will only be visible to the L&B admin, not to other commenters).


Later in the Year:

Of course, later in the year is the selection of a new Archbishop of Canterbury.  (procedures for his appointment) (related Thinking Anglicans threadthe related T19 thread)

Also, The Anglican Consultative Council will be meeting in Auckland, NZ from 27 October – 7 November


If you know of an event / issue that affects many Anglicans and Episcopalians and for which we should be praying, please leave a comment with details.  Thanks!

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