Ineffective prayers

All experienced intercessors run against situations or illnesses that are resistant to answered prayer. For example, on this blog, we have prayed for the healing of neuropsychiatric illnesses and for the healing of the Episcopal Church. I believe that our prayers have in some ways made a difference and may well continue to do so in the future, but the reality is that a comprehensive victory cannot yet be claimed.
I sincerely believe that Jesus desires complete healing. Scripture does not record a single instance where someone requested healing that he refused.
The greatest impediment is that, as intercessors, our holiness is lacking. Another impediment is that our understanding of spiritual things is lacking.
As I read the Bible, I search for clues on how to pray. Might it be the sequence of defeated enemies is significant? I don’t know. I’ll list some as food for thought.
Moses was a Levite, and Joshua from the tribe of Ephraim. Joshua 12 outlines their exploits. Moses conquered Sihon, king of Amorites and Og, king of Bashan. Joshua defeated the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites:

9 the king of Jericho one
the king of Ai (near Bethel ) one
10 the king of Jerusalem one
the king of Hebron one
11 the king of Jarmuth one
the king of Lachish one
12 the king of Eglon one
the king of Gezer one
13 the king of Debir one
the king of Geder one
14 the king of Hormah one
the king of Arad one
15 the king of Libnah one
the king of Adullam one
16 the king of Makkedah one
the king of Bethel one
17 the king of Tappuah one
the king of Hepher one
18 the king of Aphek one
the king of Lasharon one
19 the king of Madon one
the king of Hazor one
20 the king of Shimron Meron one
the king of Akshaph one
21 the king of Taanach one
the king of Megiddo one
22 the king of Kedesh one
the king of Jokneam in Carmel one
23 the king of Dor (in Naphoth Dor ) one
the king of Goyim in Gilgal one
24 the king of Tirzah one
thirty-one kings in all.

Then from the book of Judges:
–Othniel of the tribe of Judah defeated the Mesopotamians.
–Ehud of the tribe of Benjamin defeated the Moabites.
–Shamgar, whose origin is unknown, defeated the Philistines.
–Deborah of the tribe of Issachar defeated the Canaanites.
–Gideon of the tribe of Manasseh defeated the Midianites.
–Jephthah of the tribe of Manasseh defeated the Ammonites.
–Samson of the tribe of Dan defeated the Philistines.

Then the last judge to defeat an enemy was Samuel, a Levite. He defeated the Philistines.

As you see, the list is long.
God bless,


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