July 2, 2012

2 Kings 19:32-34 (AMP)
Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the king of Assyria:
He shall not come into this city or shoot an arrow here or come before it with shield or cast up a siege mound against it. By the way that he came, by that way shall he return, and he shall not come into this city, says the Lord. For I will defend this city to save it, for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake.

We thank You, Father, that Your word that goes forth from Your mouth does not return to You void. We thank You that Your word accomplishes that which You please and purpose and prospers in the things for which You sent it. Defend Jerusalem from her enemies and prosper her, we pray. Amen.
Isaiah 55:11

Psalm 106:19-23

July 2, 2012

They made a calf in Horeb, and worshiped the molded image. (Psalm 106:19)
      Lord, so many of the leaders and teachers of the Episcopal Church have fashioned false gods for themselves and worshiped them.

Thus they changed their glory into the image of an ox that eats grass. (Psalm 106:20)
      With Phinehas’ wife we say that the glory has departed from the Episcopal Church, for it has been captured and is in the hands of the enemy. Protect Bishop Bill and all you faithful bishops. Show them when and how to speak. (See 1 Samuel 4:19-22)

They forgot God their Savior, who had done great things in Egypt, (Psalm 106:21)
      Jesus, help the bishops and deputies now assembling for the General Convention of the Episcopal Church to remember your mighty deeds by which we have been saved.

Wondrous works in the land of Ham, awesome things by the Red Sea. (Psalm 106:22)
      Jesus, help us call to mind the times and places where we have beheld you mighty works of salvation. (See Exodus 14:13)

Therefore he said that he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen one stood before him in the breach, To turn away his wrath, lest he destroy them. (Psalm 106:23)
      Holy Spirit, raise up intercesors at and for the General Convention to stand in the breach and pray for your will to be done. It is not your desire that anyone should perish. (See 2 Peter 3:9) Raise up faithful witness and intercessors there to lead your people back onto the right path. Thank you.

A word received 6/28/13: Pray for the General Convention.

Monday: 106:1-18 * 106:19-48; Num. 22:1-21: Rom. 6:12-23: Matt. 21:12-22
Tuesday: [120], 121, 122, 123 * 124, 125, 126, [127]; Num. 22:21-38: Rom. 7:1-12: Matt. 21:23-32

      Notes from the Front Line

***** There will be a prayer table at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church. Please pray for this ministry of prayer there.

***** Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2012
From: Nigel Mumford
Subject: Daily quote
      Tommy Tyson was due to speak at a conference. The Holy Spirit told him that Francis ManNutt was going to speak in place of him. So he told Francis that he was speaking next. Francis asked Tommy, “What shall I speak about?” Tommy just said, “Tell them about Jesus.” So he did.
      Acts 28: 31 writes; “Boldly and without hindrance he (Paul) preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.” Hey, tell ’em about Jesus…

Albany Intercessor

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