GC2012–Anglicans United prayer request #1

Cherie Wetzel at Anglicans United is reporting from Indianapolis. She requests:

In preparation for the beginning of this Convention, we ask you to pray for three things:
1. Pray for righteous judgement by all voting members involved.

Our Father in heaven,
We bless all of the voting members of General Convention. You have numbered the hairs on their heads, and You know their needs even better than they know themselves. Bless them in every dimension, seen and unseen. Open their eyes to see You and their hearts to love You and their spirits to embrace the way of Jesus, incarnating humility and purity in their voting decisions. Amen.

2. Pray for Mercy from God himself. Pray that the Spirit of God will not depart this Church.

We have turned our backs on You.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

3. Please pray for the Anglicans United meeting for the Communion Partners bishops and deputies. They don’t know each other and are usually segregated from each other in the House of Deputies. They need to know that they are not alone. Sixty people are expected at our gathering from 5-7:00 PM. It is the Fourth of July and we have planned this party for nearly a year.

Oh, that you would bless the Communion Partner bishops and deputies and enlarge their territory! Let your hand be with them, and keep them from harm so that they will be free from pain. Bless their party. Amen.
1 Chronicles 4:10

More prayers may be found by typing GC2012 in the search box to the right.

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