Blessing the day I was born–an antidote to depression

I’m currently reading Job in The One Year Bible (ESV). Chapter 3 is a poignant passage where Job curses the day he was born. I thought it would be worthwhile to write a blessing opposite of Job’s curse.–JW

Let the day be blessed on which I was born, and the night that said, ‘A woman is conceived.’
Let that day be light! May God above seek it, and light shine upon it. Let joy and brilliant light claim it. Let azure skies dwell upon it; let the brightness of the day bring peace.
That night–let refulgent light overtake it! Let it rejoice among the days of the year; let it come into the number of the months. Behold, let that night be fruitful; let a joyful cry enter it.
Let those bless it who bless the day, who are ready to pacify Leviathan. Let the stars of its dawn be bright; let it rejoice in the light and see the eyelids of the morning, because it opened the doors of my mother’s womb and revealed life’s blessings and troubles to my eyes.

I am thankful I did not die at birth. I am thankful for the knees that received me and the breasts that nursed me. I am thankful for the milk that nourished me and gave me life. I am thankful that I can share life’s blessings with the kings and counselors of the earth who rebuilt ruins for themselves and with the princes who had gold and filled their houses with silver. I am thankful that I was born and saw light, even though it revealed wickedness and weariness, prisoners and taskmasters, the small and the great, the slave and his master.

I am thankful for the light of life even in misery and bitterness. Be gone, O death wishes!
I am thankful for the light of life even when my way is hidden and God has hedged me in. My singing comes before my food, and my praise is poured out like water.
Whatever fearful thing comes upon me, I am at ease. Whatever I dread that befalls me, I am quiet. Whatever trouble besets me, I rest.

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  2. This is wonderful and I am sharing it broadly!

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