Justin Welby

Bishop Justin Welby of Durham has been selected the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
The tune of the following bell ringers’ hymn is that of “Tell out my soul”. This hymn was composed by Peter Baelz, then Dean of Durham, for a service of re-dedication of the cathedral bells in 1980. Its opening verse contains the names of those bells.
I altered the hymn, substituting the third person for the first.–JW

Ring Christ, ring Mary, Benedict and Bede,
With Michael, till Justin’s heart from sin be freed;
Ring Cuthbert, Oswald, Margaret and Hild,
Till, blessed Lord, his heart with joy be filled.

Let bells peal forth the universal fame,
Creator Lord, of Thy mysterious name;
Conscience within, the boundless heavens above,
Disclose to faith the hidden name of Love.

Loudly proclaim with each insistent chime
How Thine eternity redeems Justin’s time;
Past sins forgiv’n, and future hopes restored,
Reveal Thy presence with him, gracious Lord.

Spirit divine, recast his faulty ways,
Make them ring true and echo to Thy praise;
Through every change of circumstance and choice
May he confess Thee with a single voice.

Call him to worship, call him to obey,
Call him to pilgrimage along life’s way;
Rouse him from sleep; renewed in mind and heart,
Call him to love Thee, Lord, since Love Thou art.

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