Advent blogging suggestions or requests?

Hello all,
I’m currently thinking and praying about the possibility of doing some limited Advent blogging this year. It’s something I greatly enjoy, but I may not have much time available to devote to it this year.

It would help me to know what our readers would most appreciate and value in terms of any Advent blogging here. Which of the following would you most like to see Lent & Beyond focus on this advent?

1) Publicizing & Compiling Advent Resources
2) Posting several Advent-themed prayers per week (generally traditional prayers)
3) Posting regular excerpts from Advent devotionals, poems, hymns… (found on other blogs, or in Advent devotional books)
4) Original prayers or devotionals, including “illustrated devotionals” combining artwork, Scripture and a reflection, or music…
5) Other…. (leave a comment)

In an ideal world, I would love to do a lot in terms of original devotionals, but it may not be possible. But if readers here clamor strongly for it, maybe I can find some time.

Please leave a comment with your suggestions or requests, thanks!



One Response to Advent blogging suggestions or requests?

  1. […] family traditions, etc.  Also, please share your advent blogging requests and suggestions on the thread I posted earlier this week.  […]

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