Advent 1 (2012) – MORE Great Links!

In addition to the links I just posted a few hours ago, I dug a bit more deeply and checked a few more sites I’ve linked in past years, or other liturgical seasons, and came up with MORE GREAT ADVENT LINKS.  But it’s so late in my time zone, no time to pull them together into a nice neat post.  For now, let me just do a “Raw Links Dump” here. I’ll try to share more information on some of these links and resources tomorrow…



Give Us this Day (Daily Anglican Devotionals):


TSM: Advent Devotional:


Cradle of Prayer:


Mark D. Roberts


Truth in the Tinsel  (This looks to be a really excellent eBook with 24 days of Advent crafts and ornaments for children)


The Rector’s Corner:


Interrupting the Silence:


You’ll find ALL of Lent & Beyond’s Advent Posts here.


One Response to Advent 1 (2012) – MORE Great Links!

  1. […] you can view our two posts with listings of recommended resources and sites from 2012 here and here, and another list of favorite Advent links […]

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