Our pagan roots–nature worship

O God, in the Garden of Eden, You made all kinds of beautiful trees to grow. You instructed Noah to use the trees to build an ark, Moses to build the ark of the covenant, Solomon to build the temple, Nehemiah to build the wall, and Ezra to rebuild the temple.
Yet in our sinfulness, we have used the beautiful trees to great offense. Adam and Eve hid from You among the trees. We have built idols and weapons of war and gallows with the beautiful trees.
The glory of Your creation in the woodlands has been corrupted by idol worship. In Great Britain, Cernunnos, Mars Rigonemetis, Silvanus Callirius, Arnemetia, Esus, and other nature deities have been worshipped by the Celts, and Ceres, Sylvanus, and other nature gods by the Romans.
Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy.
We claim the cross of Jesus, that sacred tree, over all the nature worship of Britain, including Druidry. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, including our own. At the name of Jesus, the pagan gods of nature worship must submit. If any leaders of the Church of England are under a curse from the pagan worship of their ancestors or from cultural vows, we claim the cross to break that curse.
All authority in Great Britain has been given to Jesus. We lift high the cross over the House of Windsor, Canterbury, the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion. We claim the sweet wood of the cross over the bitter relationships of the Communion.
Bless the leaders of the Anglican Communion, dear Lord. Especially bless Justin Welby. Amen.

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