St. David, Bishop of Menevia, Wales

David (c. 544) was born to a noble family in Menevia, Wales. While fairly young, he founded a monastery and became its abbot. His natural inclination was to study and meditate in the quiet of his monastery, but he was virtually dragged to an assembly of bishops called to combat the heresy of Pelagianism. Legend has it that he was so eloquent and learned in this synod that he was chosen to be the successor to the primate of Wales.

In time, he founded eleven other monasteries in Wales. The monasteries were known for their asceticism, but David was loving in his treatment and correction of wrongdoers. One of David’s nicknames, “the Waterman,” may indicate that he allowed the monks in his care to drink only water at meals instead of wine or mead.

He remains the patron saint of Wales to this day. His dying words were, “Be joyful, brothers and sisters. Keep your faith, and do the little things that you have seen and heard with me.”

Our Father in Heaven,
We thank You for the life and ministry of David. We, too, must combat the heresy of Pelagianism. We humbly ask for eloquent and learned persons to be effective advocates against the many heresies that besiege us in the Church of England and the Anglican Communion. In particular, we ask that Bishop Justin Williams will be such a faithful and wise steward of Your mysteries. Amen.

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