St. Chad, monk and Bishop of Mercia

One of four brothers dedicated to service in the church, Chad (623-672) was trained by Aidan of Lindisfarne (Holy Island). His elder brother Cedd had built a monastery at Lastingham, where he governed as abbot. At his death, Cedd left the abbacy to Chad.

Shortly afterwards he was irregularly made Bishop of the Northumbrians, with his see at York, by the king, the king having become impatient at the absence of St. Wilfrid, who had originally been appointed to the see but had gone to France to receive consecration. On Wilfrid’s return, Archbishop Theodore denied the legitimacy of Chad’s appointment. Chad responded, “If you consider that I have not been properly consecrated, I willingly resign this charge of which I never thought myself worthy. I undertook it, though unworthy, under obedience.” Impressed by his humility, Theodore regularized his consecration and in the same year provided for him to be Bishop of the Mercians with his see at Lichfield.

Following apostolic example, Chad traveled on foot. Theodore ordered him to ride, at least on longer journeys. When Chad hesitated, the Archbishop is said to have lifted him bodily onto the horse

Father in heaven,
We thank You for the lives of Chad and his brothers. We pray that Bishop Justin Welby and the leaders of the Church of England will likewise be marked by humility. Amen.

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