St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland

Shakespeare made familiar the name of Malcolm III, King of Scotland. Malcolm’s wife was an English princess named Margaret. Margaret (d. 1093) was married in 1070 despite a leaning to the religious life. At her instigation many abuses were reformed and synods held to regulate the Lenten fast and Easter Communion. Her great personal piety found expression in her personal practice of prayer and fasting and in her charity to the poor. She encouraged the founding of schools, hospitals, and orphanages. Together, Margaret and her husband rebuilt the monastery of Iona and founded Dunfermline Abbey, under the direction of the Benedictine monks.

In addition to her zeal for Church and people, Margaret was a conscientious wife and the mother of eight children. Malcolm, a strong-willed man, came to trust her judgment even in matters of State

Our Father in heaven,
We thank You for the piety, charity, and godly heritage of Queen Margaret. We humbly ask You to raise up in England cultural leaders who are conscientious in their duties to You, their families, and their nation. Renew a spirit of almsgiving in this land. Amen.

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