A roundup of Ash Wednesday posts

Here are some links to various Ash Wednesday resources and devotionals we’ve posted in previous years:

Ash Wednesday category (ALL ENTRIES)

Ash Wednesday Index [2010]

Ash Wednesday Links and Resources – updated [2009]

Bishop Mark Lawrence: Ash Wednesday Meditations at TSM, Feb 2012 (UPDATED)

Lent Quotes: Pope Benedict XVI on “Dust You Are…”

A Lenten Prayer of Confession Based on the Decalogue

Lent Prayers – Scotty Smith: A Prayer for a Gospel-saturated Grace-inundated Lent

What does God do with dust and ash?

Lent Quotes: David Mills – Ash Wednesday’s Double Meaning

Lent Quotes: Louis Tarsitano – Repentance, a miraculous invitation from God

TitusOneNine – Ash Wednesday links

Ruth Haley Barton: Inviting God to help shape our Lenten disciplines

Lent and Ash Wednesday Activity Ideas for Families

The Readings & Collect for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Prayers: Turn to us O Lord, and we shall be turned

Ash Wednesday: A Communal Prayer of Confession

Two Ash Wednesday Prayers

Lent around the blogosphere (mostly Ash Wednesday)

One blogger’s Daily Prayer for Lent

Seek the Lord and Live, an Ash Wednesday Devotional


Ash Wednesday thought from the Northern Plains

Lent Quotes: the real question of Lent

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