Recommended Blogs and Links for Lent 2013

Over the years, we have a posted a lot of entries with favorite links for Lenten resources and devotional reading. I’ll link to some of those previous compilations at the end of this post.  However, such compilations quickly go out of date.  So, here is a list of some of the blogs and websites that I expect to be reading pretty regularly during Lent 2013.  Note my emphasis in the links below is to focus on sites that I expect will provide frequent and edifying devotional or prayer entries throughout Lent, as opposed to specific Lenten resources or individual articles or blog posts

(With the exception of the links in the entries under the “prior compilations” section, all of the links below have been verified to be working as of Feb. 11, 2013.)

Please share comments regarding any of your own favorite sites for Lent devotionals and resources!


Begin With Scripture!

A quick and easy way to read the daily office according to the schedule of the Book of Common Prayer each day during Lent – here is the link to the English Standard Version’s daily BCP Lectionary readings.


Favorite Devotional Blog

If I had to pick just one devotional blog to read during Lent, it would probably be Emily Polis Gibson’s Barnstorming blog.  Emily is a family physician and farmer in rural Washington State.  I discovered her blog last year during Lent and fell in love with it.  The combination of astounding beautiful photographs, quotes from Christian classics and poems, original poetry, and deep soul-stirring reflections has made this a blog I turn to again and again for encouragement and deep soul-refreshment.  Here is Emily’s Lent Category.


Various Recommended Anglican Devotional blogs and Websites:

  • Prydain is a good blog for frequent posts of readings from the Saints and Fathers during Lent, as well as posts of sermons from current Anglican clergy.  Here is the Lent Category.
  • The King’s English:  Not specifically Lenten-focused, but a wonderful source of daily devotionals based on phrases and verses from the King James Version of the Bible.  Reading this daily was a great Lenten discipline for me in 2012 as I found it continually stirred up my hunger to dig more deeply into Scripture and helped me better understand the story of Scripture and how it all points to Christ.
  • In past years I’ve frequently recommended the devotional blogs by Anglican blogger James Gibson (Anglican Daily Prayer and This Day in the Word).  James is now blogging at the site Locusts and Wild Honey.  Here is his Lent Category.
  • All Saints Church in the Chapel Hill – Durham area of North Carolina has a nice blog which frequently features devotional entries tied to the current liturgical season.  Here’s the Lent category.
  • Angliverse is a wonderul blog with original poems by Teresa Roberts Johnson.  Posts are infrequent, but well worth reading.  Here is the Lent category.
  • Splendor in the Ordinary used to be one of my “go-to” sites for wonderful blog entries and creative ideas about celebrating the Liturgical Year in the home.  It’s been quite a long time since Amy has posted anything new, but I think it still worth linking her archive of Lent & Easter entries.
  • Give us This Day is the daily devotional site of Fr. Charles Erlandson at Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal Church in Tyler, TX, with daily posts on one of the Lectionary readings.


Other recommended prayer & devotional blogs:

  • Christine Sine’s Godspace blog is often a source of helpful Lenten devotionals and resources.  Here’s her Lent 2013 category, and her general Lent category where you’ll find many of her Lent posts from prior years.
  • Glory to God for All Thingsthe blog of Orthodox priest Father Stephen Freeman, is a wonderful and deep devotional blog, one I wish I had time to read more regularly than I do.
  • Pastor Scotty Smith’s Heavenward, a daily prayer blog.  Here is the link for prayers which are tagged specifically as Lenten prayers.
  • Trevin Wax’s Kingdom People is a blog I enjoy reading throughout the year.  During Lent he often posts some great prayers.


Several prior compilations of favorite Lenten sites and resources 

(I’ve not updated any of these entries, so there may be broken / dead links.  My apologies.)

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5 Responses to Recommended Blogs and Links for Lent 2013

  1. briarcroft says:

    Dear Good Folks at Anglican Prayer/Lent and Beyond,
    thank you once again for your gracious mention of my Barnstorming Blog and sending readers my way. I am most grateful and once again inspired to find worthy Lenten-themed material to share. Blessings to you and the good work you do here,
    Emily Gibson

  2. Thank you for the link! And thanks for the links you posted in the comments on my blog; I brought them up into an entry proper so that more people would see them and could benefit from them!

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