Testimony–neurologic disease

In 2010, intercessors at Lent & Beyond cried out for great exploits in the healing of neurologic diseases. Of course, intercession from countless patients and their loved ones is unceasing. Great exploits in medicine are taking place:

Optogenetics research technique–started 2004, described 2005, ongoing
—Promising drug trials for Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy–described 2009, ongoing
Alzheimer’s vaccine trial–2012
CLARITY research technique–described 2013, promises to revolutionize neuropathology

On a spiritual level, I’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in the symptoms of one individual we prayed for, with Asperger’s syndrome, and I thank God for His miraculous mercy (Psalm 107). Another person we prayed for has asked Jesus to come into his life, and he has found forgiveness. I don’t know how the symptoms of his psychiatric illness are.

El Elyon, God Most High, we praise Your holy name and thank You for the great exploits You have done and are doing in the lives of patients with neuropsychiatric illnesses. Amen.


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