Pray for Muslim refugees and Immigrants in Europe (and around the world)

The daily prayer entry in the Ramadan 30 days Prayer Guide focuses on Muslim refugees (and immigrants) in Europe, with a particular focus on outreach to Muslims in Greece.

You can read the whole entry here.

Here are some prayer points that I’ve excerpted from the entry and adapted slightly to apply to Muslim refugees and immigrants around the world.  Many of us can not “go to them” – so God is bringing “them” to us – an influx of Muslims right in our towns and cities.

* Pray for the Muslim refugees and immigrants in your country. Cry out to God that they find true life. (John 14:6 — “I am the way, the truth and the

* Pray that Christians would offer love, respect and help to these refugees. (Matthew 25:35 — “… I was a stranger …”)

* Pray that those Muslim refugees and immigrants who get to know Jesus can joyfully live out their faith and invite many other Muslims to follow Jesus. (John 13:35 — “… that you are my disciples …”)


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