The faces of GAFCON

I came across this wonderful photo from the GAFCON conference in Nairobi tonight.

The faces of GAFCON

What a great photo!!  Tomorrow I’ll have a post on “Why GAFCON matters” and some suggestions on how to be praying for the Conference.  But this picture actually speaks volumes – GAFCON matters because it may be the largest and most representative gathering of the modern Anglican Communion. (The vast majority of Anglicans are laity in the Global South!)

Stay tuned for more thoughts and prayer suggestions for GAFCON tomorrow…

For tonight, pray for restful sleep for all the 1300+ delegates, for personal refreshment and even revival in their lives from this gathering (revival was a major theme today), and for God to orchestrate connections, friendships, networks, partnerships for His glory and the spread of the Gospel through the fellowship that occurs at this conference.

photo source   (also on the ACNA facebook page, so I assume ACNA is the original source.)

UPDATE:  this prayer is posted on the ACNA facebook page, and it beautifully expresses what I want to pray when I see the photo above:

O’ Father God, make us as beautiful in Holy Passion, in Righteousness, in Unity, in Repentance and in True Fellowship as we are in tribe, and race, and color, and nation! May we truly fulfill Your Word; that we are “A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation!” Amen! Make It So Jesus, Messiah and Lord!

Amen & Amen!


2 Responses to The faces of GAFCON

  1. […] So, in terms of size and the make up of the participants alone, it’s clear that GAFCON 2013 matters!  I believe it is the largest truly GLOBAL and REPRESENTATIVE Anglican gathering in modern history.  GAFCON 2013 gives us a glimpse of what the Anglican Communion REALLY looks like. […]

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