GAFCON: Prayer points

Last night a kind friend who is attending GAFCON in Nairobi emailed me a “prayer bookmark” that had been prepared for GAFCON with a number of prayer points. I had not seen this before. I like the prayer requests that the GAFCON leaders have shared!

Pray for GAFCON 2013

Overall vision:  That the Lord will bless the gathering of the hundreds of Anglican leaders who desire to be faithful to the bible in their witness and ministry, to give renewal and direction in mission and service.

That the programme being prepared will connect clearly with the mission vision and needs of participants and provinces represented.

For the Anglican Church of Kenya as hosts of the conference, that the Lord will grant them rich gifts of hospitality and much patience with their visitors.

That all the occasions and opportunities of meeting and getting to know fellow Anglicans from around the world will bear rich fruit in friendships and partnerships in mutually supportive ministry.

That GAFCON2013 will lead to concrete action to ensure continued faithful biblical witness in Anglican churches around the world.

That by the end of our time together we shall have resourced our movement to exercise clear, biblical and stableleadership for the Communion with Provinces and Dioceses in fellowship with one another – self-empowering, missionally active, and globally aware.

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