Praying for GAFCON Friday October 25th

I haven’t had much time to blog in the past 36 hours or so. I’ll keep this post short.

GAFCON II is winding down… this afternoon the delegates are working in groups to give feedback and recommendations about the Draft Communique.

I’ve learned from Twitter that The Rev. John Guernsey (ACNA Bishop of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic) is chair of the Communique drafting team. Please pray for him by name, and pray that the Communique that is released by GAFCON II will become a helpful rallying point and action plan for orthodox Anglican believers around the world.

As GAFCON II has so clearly addressed (particularly in the talk by Bishop Nazir-Ali, but also by others), the challenge for us is no longer just about the crisis in the Anglican Communion or how to reshape Anglican structures. No, it’s bigger: how do we in the Church deal with agressive secularism both in the West and elsewhere. How do we respond to Islam. How do we recognize and avoid syncretism (compromise with the culture), be it in the West, or in Africa. It’s not just Anglicans facing these problems, it’s the whole Body of Christ.

I pray that in His mercy, God would use GAFCON II and the Communique that comes out of it to help sound a clear call forward as to how the Church should face these challenges in our generation: with unity, love and great joy and boldness in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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