October 30, 2013

May God have mercy on Justin Welby. May God’s Holy Spirit infill Justin, body, soul, and spirit, and bless Justin at every point of need. May God dwell with Justin and make His face to shine upon him. May He open Justin’s eyes, ears, and heart to all that God has prepared for him. May God bless Justin with supernatural discernment, wisdom, and courage. May God’s holy angels encamp around Justin. Amen.

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10,000 posts

October 30, 2013

As of last week, Lent & Beyond reached over 10,000 posts. The blog was started by Karen B as a lenten discipline in 2004. Praise God for the fruit of that discipline!


October 30, 2013

Apparently, there is dispute over the accuracy of the readings of radioactivity in the ocean coming from Fukushima nuclear reactor. The ocean plume is expected to reach Canada and the northwestern coast of the US in early 2014.
I’m reminded of the prophecy of Ezekiel of a river of life-giving water flowing from the Temple, renewing the Dead Sea, and flowing out to the world. This is like the opposite.
Japan’s most deeply entrenched spirits are the principalities controlling Shintoism, which is a spiritualized form of nationalism. The chief visible figure employed by these dark angels is the emperor. In the popular mind, the emperor was himself a deity. But as a part of the World War II peace process, Emperor Hirohito publicly denied this status and the Japanese government agreed to separate itself officially from any religious institution, including Shintoism.
Emperor Akihito decided to reverse his father’s post World War II position. Japan’s economy has been in serious decline since 1990, the year of Emperor Akihito’s accession to the throne.–JW

O Lord, we cry out,
May the Land of the Rising Sun become the Land of the Risen Son. May revival sweep this nation! Amen.

Psalm 119:49-56

October 30, 2013

Remember the word to your servant, upon which you have caused me to hope. (Psalm 119:49)
      Father, day by day your word in Scripture and your living word Jesus cause me to hope. Thank you.

This is my comfort in my affliction, for your word has given me life. (Psalm 119:50)
      Jesus, you are the way, the truth, and the life.

The proud have me in great derision, yet I do not turn aside from your law. (Psalm 119:51)
      Holy Spirit, keep us on the straight and narrow path — turning neither to the right nor the left.

I remembered your judgments of old, O LORD, and have comforted myself. (Psalm 119:52)
      LORD, help me daily share with the next generation the comfort of your deeds and words.

Indignation has taken hold of me because of the wicked, who forsake your law. (Psalm 119:53)
      Holy Spirit, the Council of Jersalem was so clear (Acts 15) that we were to abstain from sexual immorality, and yet now the leaders of the Episcopal Church promote it. Show us what to do and to say and do not let our indignation deafen us to your word to us.

Your statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage. (Psalm 119:54)
      Jesus, please help us sing the songs of Zion and praise and thank you.

I remember your name in the night, O LORD, and I keep your law. (Psalm 119:55)
      Holy Spirit, please help me live my life illuminated by your word.

This has become mine, because I kept your precepts. (Psalm 119:56)
      Thank you, Jesus, for giving me the inheritance of the saints.

A prayer received: Help us to praise you no matter what happens.

A prayer received: Give us ears to hear and hearts to respond to your word.

Wednesday: 119:49-72 * 49,[53]; Ezra 6:1-22; Rev. 5:1-10; Matt. 13:10-17
Thursday: 50 * [59,60] or 33; Ezra 6:1-22; Rev. 5:11-6:11; Matt. 13:18-23

      Notes from the Front Line

***** The kids are out there waiting for you: “Children Of God” – Official Music Video

There is an amazing film entitled FINDING A FAMILY which you can watch on YouTube at It is a true story. Pray for the children who “fall through the cracks” of the social welfare system.

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