Advent is coming… A GREAT resource to recommend!

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As any regular reader of Lent & Beyond will know, over the years we’ve done a lot of blog entries linking to favorite Advent & Lent devotional resources, and are always particularly excited to find good resources to help families celebrate the Liturgical year in the home.

Jessica Snell’s blog, Homemaking through the Church Year is a site we’ve linked and enthusiastically recommended many times.  Jessica has been the editor for a brand new book compiling resources to help families celebrate Advent.  The book is Let Us Keep the Feast: Christmas and Advent.  It’s available for purchase as a print copy, or as a digital download.

Here’s what Jessica writes about the book:

I’m so excited about this book; it’s the book I wish I had ten years ago, as Adam and I were starting our lives together as adults, setting up the rhythms of our household. Our hope was (and is) to always hold in our hearts and minds the truth that our family’s life is a part of the life of the church, that our worship of God on Sunday should naturally flow into our work-a-day lives, showing itself in our love for each other, for our children, for our neighbors.

That’s why I love the church year: it constantly reminds me of God’s love. Its feasts and fasts keep the gospel story constantly before my eyes. In my cooking and housekeeping, in my reading and my correspondence, in so many small customs and traditions, the church year is always pointing my eyes back towards Jesus.

The authors in this book have done such a splendid job of laying out those customs and traditions – and the reasons behind them – to the reader.

Go check it out! (Also available at Amazon)


2 Responses to Advent is coming… A GREAT resource to recommend!

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  2. […] Advent is coming… A GREAT resource to recommend! […]

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