Advent 2013 Menu: Resources, Prayers, Devotionals

Advent3Note: this entry is “sticky” and will remain at the top of the blog throughout Advent.  Look for new entries below this post.

Advent begins this year on Sunday December 1.  I can’t promise daily Advent entries, but I hope to be able to blog quite frequently, sharing Advent resources, prayers, worship music, devotionals and reflections on Scripture.

All new Advent posts for 2013 can be found with our Advent 2013 tag
For all Advent entries past & present, here’s our Advent category.

Our Advent Subcategories include: Advent Devotionals Advent FavoritesAdvent Prayers, Advent QuotesAdvent ResourcesAdvent: Family & Children


Update 1:  I’ve decided I will try to post an entry most evenings in Advent with a short reflection on one of the daily lectionary Scripture passages, a prayer, and a worship song.  I’m calling the series Advent Vespers.

By Request: here’s a quick link to our 2013 Anglican Advent Resources post

Update 2:  Because I’m focusing a lot on Advent Music this year, here’s the link for all our posts containing Advent worship musicand here is our 100 Song Advent Playlist Compilation for 2013.  ENJOY!


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