An Advent Prayer – Thomas a Kempis: Nothing Else Does Nor Shall Delight Me

O Jesus, brightness of everlasting glory,Pilgrim's Progress
You are the comfort of the pilgrim soul,
How long will My Lord tarry until He come?

Let Him come unto me, His poor servant,
and make Him joyful.
Come, O Come!
For without You there can be no blissful day or hour,
for You are my joy, and without You my table is empty.

Let others seek what they please instead of You,
but as for me, nothing else does nor shall delight me,
but You only, my God, my hope, my eternal salvation.

– Thomas a Kempis

H/T  Trevin Wax  (Trevin Wax is a wonderful and highly recommended blogger.  It was his prayer category that first got me reading his blog a few years ago.  I quickly became a fan and now read Kingdom People almost every day.)

Artwork:  From Pilgrim’s Progress.  “Christian Before the Cross”

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