Flooding in the Diocese of Bath and Wells

February 6, 2014

Flooding in the Somerset Levels is reported. From the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Please pray for the:
Emotional and physical wellbeing of all who are affected by the floods
Feelings of abandonment by authorities and decision makers
Lack of local, official leadership to bring about relief
Need of strong support nationally and locally
Long term mental, spiritual and emotional health implications
Severe economic hardship for families and businesses (For example, in a 1.5 mile stretch of road we have about 12 businesses – some self-employed single handers through to bigger enterprises).
Major, adverse long term impact on agriculture, the soil health and productivity, livestock welfare and land values.
Need for effective local and national advocacy by informed, empathetic voices. Pray such people may rise up.
Heavenly wisdom and compassion from Somerset Community Foundation and other grant making bodies in grant allocation.
Stamina and perseverance of those having to continue to work in these conditions, especially those caring for their animals.
Farmers who will be lambing at the moment – the prospect of turning out young lambs is daunting.
Communities being strengthened in affected areas – neighbours helping each other.
Agricultural supply companies, who have been offering financial help and the farmers who are offering their time to go and work on affected farms to give those under pressure a bit of breathing space.
Those with deep worries about adverse impact on house values affecting reselling and insurance hikes.

A prayer for our intercessions

We commend to your fatherly goodness all who are in any way afflicted or distressed, in mind, body or situation; we especially remember those enduring the flooding and its aftermath.

Comfort and relieve them in their need, give them patience in their sufferings and hardships, and please bring good out of all their afflictions.

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