Biola University – “The Lent Project” website (new link)

Earlier this week I included a link to Biola University’s “Lent Project” website in my short roundup of new Lent links for 2014.

I just discovered that was only a temporary link announcing the site.  The permanent link during Lent is here:

I really enjoyed the Biola online Advent calendar, and expect good things from their Lent Project website.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Ash Wednesday devotional:

Ash Wednesday is sorrow and tears, a reminder of mortality and the breakability of all earthly things; but it’s also a glimpse of the eternal newness and redemption just beyond the horizon. The sun will rise.

For me Ash Wednesday symbolizes, rather neatly, what it means to be a Christian. It’s not about being beautiful or powerful or triumphant; it’s about being scarred and humble and sacrificial. This is not to say it’s about defeat, despair or self-flagellation. On the contrary, to “give up” or “sacrifice” in the name of Christ is (or should be) the height of our joy. Suffering is not something to shrink from. Giving ourselves away to others is our calling. Dying to ourselves is our glorious inheritance.

“Whoever loses his life for My sake will find it,” said Jesus (Matt. 16:25). “To live is Christ and to die is gain,” wrote Paul (Phil. 1:21).   […]

In his beautiful 2013 book Death By Living, N.D. Wilson writes about how each human story — messy and mortal and fallen as it is — can be a unique testimony to Christ’s resurrection work.

From the compost of our efforts, God brings glory. … By His grace, we are the water made wine. We are the dust made flesh made dust made flesh again. We are the whores made brides and the thieves made saints and the killers made apostles. We are the dead made living. We are His cross.

No life is beyond the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit. Even the ugliest, darkest, most hopeless and broken among us are not far from the wholeness and light of life in Christ.

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