READ THIS!!!! Bishop Mark Lawrence on Lent – the problem of sin in our heart


Mice in the Palace — Sin in the Heart

An excerpt:

The thing we need to remem­ber as we try to get at this prob­lem of sin is that it is very hard to get at it at all.  There is so much that pro­tects it from our inner eyes. The axiom of the Reform­ers is apro­pos here:  “What the heart desires, the will chooses, and the mind jus­ti­fies.” When we try to get at the motives of the heart, the mind and will are for­ever get­ting in the way jus­ti­fy­ing our­selves.  These are like lay­ers of gar­ments swirling around the heart of our sin.  But in Christ we can pray that through the work of the Holy Spirit, who con­victs our hearts of sin; the liturgy’s use of Psalm 51 and the Litany of Penitence’s bru­tal nam­ing of sins; and with the Scripture’s con­stant entreat­ing us to turn to God’s mercy and for­give­ness; these will rend or tear through the lay­ers and lay­ers of these gar­ments even­tu­ally leav­ing the sin­ful heart revealed that we might by grace turn and look to Jesus Christ—to his cross and death.

[…]  Begin with the Lenten dis­ci­plines and we will go awry every time […]  Begin and remain in a grace-filled repen­tance that yields a torn and con­trite heart and God’s grace shall abound.  Then we may seek God’s guid­ance about self-denials and devo­tion­als and what­ever else we find to mark our mor­tal nature in grace.  Yet we dare not side step the word of apos­tolic procla­ma­tion—“We implore you on behalf of Christ, be rec­on­ciled to God.” (2 Corinthi­ans 5:20)

The full text is here.


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