Lent & Holy Week 2014 – Links and Resources

UPDATED April 14, 2014:  (This post will remain at the top of the blog throughout Lent & Holy Week. Look below for new entries.)

lentSince we’ve got hundreds of Lent and Holy Week entries in our archives – prayers, quotes, devotionals, resources, and much more,  I wanted to highlight some links for our readers to make it easy to find various types of Lent and Holy Week posts more easily.

ALL Holy Week Entries

Recent Compilations or Featured Posts:

Other Featured Entries / Category links:


ALL LENT ENTRIES (Holy Week entries are also linked in the Lent categories)

Lent Devotionals , Lent – Family & Children’s activities , Lent Prayers , Lent Quotes , Lent Resources,

We also recommend checking out last year’s compilation of recommended blogs and websites for Lenten devotionals and resources.

Also, please check out our sidebar menu with dozens of links to great Lent & Holy Week resources.

Here are links and indexes for our posts from each Lenten season:

As always, we’d love to hear what our readers find helpful, or any recommendations you have about Lenten resources, devotionals, or to share how the Lord has worked in your lives through your Lenten disciplines.

Wishing all of our readers a Blessed & Holy Lent.
-Karen and all of us at Lent & Beyond

2 Responses to Lent & Holy Week 2014 – Links and Resources

  1. […] Week featured posts that have been at the top of the blog throughout Lent.  Here are the links.  Lent & Holy Week Resources & Links (L&B).  Lent Devotional links 2014 (links to other […]

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