“We are Repenters” – A reflection by Trevin Wax

March 19, 2014

An excellent post by Trevin Wax the other day on what it means to be a “repenter” versus a mere cultural Christian.  It makes a wonderful Lenten devotional and an exercise in self-examination.  To what extent are we living a life of repentance – continually throwing ourselves on the Lord’s mercy and grace and trusting Him to transform and sanctify us?

Here’s an excerpt:

I pray that in the West, we will be like our Romanian brothers and sisters: dissatisfied with the idea of being Christian in name only, and passionate about living as “repenters” who have tasted the goodness and grace of God and can never be the same again.

Below are ten characteristics of repentance I hope we can all say with honesty.

~~~~~ Christians, We Are Repenters ~~~~~

We are repenters.

We repent of living for ourselves, and so we commit to trading our personal kingdom agendas for the kingdom agenda of Jesus Christ.

We are repenters.

We repent of making God out to be more like us, and so we ask God to change our hearts and make us more like Him.

We are repenters.

We repent of our silly attempts to justify ourselves before God and make ourselves pleasing to Him through our own efforts, and so we ask Him to save and sustain us in His unwavering grace and help us rest in Christ’s work on our behalf.

We are repenters.

We repent of our hypocrisy and self-righteousness, and so we ask God to deliver us from doublemindedness and help us seek His righteousness above all.

We are repenters.

We repent of valuing most what other people think, and so we ask God to help us value most what He thinks.

We are repenters.

We repent of withholding areas of our life from God’s command, and so we ask God to invade and overcome every part of us – our hopes, our desires, our dreams, our thoughts, our actions – and show us how to love Him and love others from a whole heart.


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