Palm Sunday Playlist #1 (Contemporary)

Back in 2009 I posted a short Palm Sunday devotional:  Prayer and Songs for Palm Sunday: Ride on to die – the contrast between exuberance and sorrow which included a 5 song playlist:

  • Sandi PattiHosanna (from her 1986 album Was it a Morning Like This)
  • First CallMessiah (from their 1986 album Undivided)
  • Dan SchutteHosanna to the Son of David (from his 1989 album Always & Everywhere)
  • Fernando OrtegaCome Oh Redeemer Come (from his 1999 EP Give Me Jesus)
  • Michael Card: Ride on to Die (from his 1983 album Known by the Scars – an album focused soley on Christ’s passion in Holy Week.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

These 5 songs capture something of the shifting mood of Palm Sunday and Holy Week, from the excitement and joyful exuberance and praise of the crowd, the longing of souls for a Messiah, and then the determination and sorrow of Jesus as He chooses to ride on to the fate He knows awaits Him.

I hope to post several other Palm Sunday playlists later today and several Holy Week playlists througout the week.  I’ll be posting some traditional and choral music as well as worship music and songs from contemporary Christian artists.


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